For questions regarding shipping & distribution, contact Lynn Heide at
Professional Image is the supplier used by IAAP headquarters.  Their website is Their phone is 985.649.5145.
After you are in the IAAP Bookstore, on the far right in the “Categories” column go down to and click on “pins, banner, portfolios and similar items.”  There are six pages of these items.
No. it is a set of 12 modules (books) with assignments to complete to receive the certificate of completion. These count for recertification points. More information about OPTIONS training can be found here.
No. This training is in sets of either two or three books (basic, and advanced or basic, intermediate, and advanced) and comes with a practice CD for each book. When assignments are returned, certificates of completion are issued. These count for recertification points.
These are not ordered from IAAP headquarters.  For order information contact Cindy Hammer CAP-OM at or access the order form here.
If your submission fails the first time, please try again and, if possible, from a different computer. If the problem persists, contact Headquarters and request assistance.
Call IAAP headquarters (816.891.6600) and ask for assistance with online shipping rates.
At present, we do not have the capability of accepting these online. You need to submit your gift certificate with your order via mail. If your order exceeds the value of the certificate, include credit card information or a check for the balance.
On the main IAAP home page (, in the main navigation bar, go to "Shop."  The drop down allows you to go to the IAAP Bookstore or IAAP Logo Shop.

From the IAAP Web Community, you can find a direct link to the IAAP Bookstore in the upper-right corner of the page.