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To reach the Education & Events department, email the front desk at

There are two Options Training Programs:

  • Options Office Skills – A training program developed by IAAP for office professionals with four skill levels, each level containing twelve 50-Minute books. The program can be used as an independent study or for group training. Individuals complete workbook assignments and submit them to the Education department for review. If acceptable, an e-certificate will be issued and the individual will receive 2 recertification points per book. There is no time limit for completion.

  • Options Tech – A technology training program available from IAAP for two operating systems and six Microsoft applications. Each module contains a training manual, e-learning activities, a data disk, and MS Certification test prep. Some modules contain two skill levels (basic and advanced), others have three (basic, intermediate, and advanced). Applications modules are available in 2007 and 2010 versions. System requirements are described on the Options Tech web site; the actual software and operating systems must be installed on your computer. Assignments are submitted to the Education department for review and an e-certificate is issued if they are acceptable. Each book is eligible for 6 recertification points. There is no time limit for completion. Each applications module has been rated for its value in preparing one to take the MS certification exam and has scored a 4.9 or higher on a 5.0 scale.
There is no time limit for completion. However, if a Microsoft certification exam voucher is purchased in conjunction with Options Tech, it is valid for one year from the date of purchase, then it expires.

No. You will receive the certificates by e-mail. You keep them and submit them to the Certification department as part of your entire recertification portfolio when you are recertifying. There is a spreadsheet available online to help you track your points.

If you are a CAP holder, you may obtain a Technology Applications (TA) specialty by completing any three of the Options Tech modules and then sitting for and successfully passing a MS certification exam.
In addition to other free programs that are available for chapters to access and use at monthly meetings, a new series entitled, “Constructing Your Career” has been unveiled.

In this series, there are 12 one-hour modules that can be downloaded and used by chapters. Each module comes with a Facilitator’s Guide, Participant Workbook Master, and PowerPoint slide program. They have been written so that even a novice trainer can successfully present the program. For each module, a step-by-step description is given, which includes background information, discussion questions and possible responses, instructions for using the workbook and engaging participants, and a comprehensive slide program. Each module guarantees that your chapter will have a captivating program, on a relevant topic for admins, in an easy-to-use process for both trainer and trainees.

To request recertification points for each of the modules, complete a Recertification Program Application and submit to at least 2 weeks prior to your event. Each module is eligible for one recertification point.

You can access the programs directly by going to

Here are some valuable suggestions for getting company support for IAAP-sponsored conferences:

  • Indicate your interest in professional development long before you ask to attend an IAAP conference. Sign up for any training events offered by your company; opt for self-study, online, and classroom courses; be enthused about the chapter programs; and be willing to invest in your own continuing education. If you don’t think you are worth the investment, neither will your exec. It starts with you!
  • Look for problems in the department or company and devise solutions. Tie those solutions to workshops and classes offered at IAAP conferences. Show how your company will recoup the money that’s being spent on your education/training by proving a good ROI. Put a dollar amount to any monetary savings, factor in saving of time and resources as well. Don’t forget to include 1:1 discussions with vendors at the EFAM Expo.
  • Build attendance into your annual performance review. With your exec, identify skill gaps and how filling these gaps will enhance your contributions to your employer. Be ready with a copy of the conference brochure and the workshops you are interested in attending. Identify the ones that will get you the skill development you need.  Reiterate how these new skills will benefit the company.
  • Prove that the cost of attending is worth your employer’s money. Compare it to the cost of a three-hour college course, the cost of public seminars when you compare hours of training you’ll receive at IAAP events taking into account any associated expenses for local events like mileage, lunch, and parking. Point out the advanced level of the IAAP classes and the fact that they are designed especially for career-minded administrative professionals. IAAP knows what admins want and need to succeed in the workplace.
  • Promise that you will bring the information back and train other admins in the department or company. That stretches the value of the training dollar spent to send you to the event.
  • Promote the value of networking with admins throughout the world. Give your exec some examples of problems where your company could have used the input of an admin with specialized experience or skills. This might include: international travel and recommended hotels for when your exec travels overseas; how-to technology tips that save time and money and improve the work output; tales of how other companies or industries have dealt with difficult or uncommon circumstances; and so on.
  • Downplay the fun part and up sell the education part of the event. While it’s nice to have a good time and visit a new city, it’s not something that motivates your employer. He wants to know what’s in it for him.
  • Make sure that after every chapter and division IAAP event you attend, you return positive and enthusiastic about the experience…even if it didn’t always meet your expectations. Share your handouts and any information gleaned with the staff.
Employer support for IAAP has to be cultivated. Don’t expect it to be automatic. Do your homework and you will increase your chances of becoming a regular attendee at all IAAP functions.