Chapter Sponsorships/Donations

For general questions about IAAP sponsorships and advertisements, contact IAAP Corporate Relations Manager Rick Brennan at
There is a "Partnership Parameters Guide to Securing Corporate Support" located on the community site in the International Library as part of the Membership Atlas Series Booklets on the website. The guide will provide you with the association’s corporate sponsorship guidelines, sample solicitation letters and agreements, trademark and branding guidelines, and how to recognize businesses for their support.
Sponsor support of local activities varies greatly from company to company and is based upon a number of factors. These include the nature of their business, available resources, local presence, and their business objectives and priorities for the year. Local representatives are the best point of contact. Chapters/divisions should not leverage cash contributions from international sponsors as they already invest considerable amounts of money in transportation, staff time, display materials, in-kind gifts, etc. Some sponsors such as Avery Dennison and OfficeTeam do provide local education programs as outlined on our website.
IAAP has a number of marketing vehicles designed to make this happen. These include sponsorships, print and electronic advertising, and the IAAP Office Expo just to mention a few of these opportunities. Additional information can be secured by contacting Rick Brennan, corporate relations manager, at
Contributions to the Foundation can be made from individuals or from chapters/divisions at any time throughout the year. Additional information on giving options and the processing of contributions can be made by visiting the Foundation website