To reach the Certification department, email certification@iaap-hq.org.
IAAP offers one professional certification. It is the Certified Administrative Professional, or CAP rating. CAP holders may also get a specialty in Organizational Management or Technology Applications.
The CAP Exam Guide provides the content outline of the exam, a bibliography of recommended study materials, sample questions, and suggestions on how to prepare. The Guide also includes the requirements for approval to take the exam.
Candidates study in a variety of ways. Some like to study on their own, others prefer to belong to a study group, and others like a more structured college class.

Some IAAP chapters have study groups. If you’re not an IAAP member, check the “Chapter Locator” in the “About” section of our web site.

No, it is best to use a combination of materials to prepare for the CAP exam. The college texts used to write the exams are listed as the bibliography in the Exam Guide. There are also review materials from Metcalf Educational Services.

Using the exam outline as your guide, compare your background to the content areas of the exam to help you determine which method of study might be best for you. For the areas you feel very comfortable with, the Metcalf review materials may be helpful. For the areas you feel less comfortable with, select one or two of the college texts listed in the bibliography. A combination of materials work best when studying for the CAP exam.
The first Saturday of May and November in the United States and Canada; for other locations check our Exam Center Listing.

Application packets for the May exams are due in our office by February 15.
Application packets for the November exams are due in our office by August 15.
Late applications are accepted to the end of that month (Feb and Aug); however, an additional fee applies.

IAAP members pay $200 each time they take the CAP exam; nonmembers pay $375.
Nonmembers are automatically given a one-year membership in IAAP.

IAAP members pay $125 each time they take the Organizational Management specialty exam; nonmembers pay $175.

Late application fees are $50 for both IAAP members and nonmembers.
There are no refunds; however, you can reschedule to the next exam. There is a $75 rescheduling fee each time you reschedule. The deadline to reschedule is 5 business days prior to the date of the exam for which you are currently registered.
If you pass the Organizational Management specialty exam and not the CAP exam, your specialty certificate would be held until you pass the CAP exam.

CAP holders need to recertify every five years to keep their rating active. Currently recertification is achieved by earning 60 points every five years. The 60 points are in the areas of Continuing Education (that’s seminars you attend), Other Certifications (that’s mainly technology certifications), and Leadership (that’s serving as an Officer or Chairing a committee). There are specific regulations with each of these categories.

Complete details on recertification are in the Recertification Packet.

Many CAP holders use the 50-Minute Books or Options Training Program. Each provides two recertification points for every book completed.

There is also the Options Technology Program. CAP holders earn six recertification points per application level completed. The Options Technology Program also ties into the CAP holders Technology Applications specialty.

Courses you take through companies like National Seminars, with content that relates back to the CAP exam outline, can also be used for your recertification. As can a lot of technology programs through companies like New Horizons.

And courses you take through your own company may also count. The course cannot be company specific, and the content has to relate back to the CAP exam outline. And with all courses, there has to be at least one hour of education and a verification of participation.