IAAP's accounting department is currently working on updated documentation for all IAAP treasurers. It is expected to be released in October 2013. 

To reach the Accounting department, email accounting@iaap-hq.org.


To reach the Certification department, email certification@iaap-hq.org.
IAAP offers one professional certification. It is the Certified Administrative Professional, or CAP rating. CAP holders may also get a specialty in Organizational Management or Technology Applications.
The CAP Exam Guide provides the content outline of the exam, a bibliography of recommended study materials, sample questions, and suggestions on how to prepare. The Guide also includes the requirements for approval to take the exam.
Candidates study in a variety of ways. Some like to study on their own, others prefer to belong to a study group, and others like a more structured college class.

Some IAAP chapters have study groups. If you’re not an IAAP member, check the “Chapter Locator” in the “About” section of our web site.

No, it is best to use a combination of materials to prepare for the CAP exam. The college texts used to write the exams are listed as the bibliography in the Exam Guide. There are also review materials from Metcalf Educational Services.

Using the exam outline as your guide, compare your background to the content areas of the exam to help you determine which method of study might be best for you. For the areas you feel very comfortable with, the Metcalf review materials may be helpful. For the areas you feel less comfortable with, select one or two of the college texts listed in the bibliography. A combination of materials work best when studying for the CAP exam.
The first Saturday of May and November in the United States and Canada; for other locations check our Exam Center Listing.

Application packets for the May exams are due in our office by February 15.
Application packets for the November exams are due in our office by August 15.
Late applications are accepted to the end of that month (Feb and Aug); however, an additional fee applies.

IAAP members pay $200 each time they take the CAP exam; nonmembers pay $375.
Nonmembers are automatically given a one-year membership in IAAP.

IAAP members pay $125 each time they take the Organizational Management specialty exam; nonmembers pay $175.

Late application fees are $50 for both IAAP members and nonmembers.
There are no refunds; however, you can reschedule to the next exam. There is a $75 rescheduling fee each time you reschedule. The deadline to reschedule is 5 business days prior to the date of the exam for which you are currently registered.
If you pass the Organizational Management specialty exam and not the CAP exam, your specialty certificate would be held until you pass the CAP exam.

CAP holders need to recertify every five years to keep their rating active. Currently recertification is achieved by earning 60 points every five years. The 60 points are in the areas of Continuing Education (that’s seminars you attend), Other Certifications (that’s mainly technology certifications), and Leadership (that’s serving as an Officer or Chairing a committee). There are specific regulations with each of these categories.

Complete details on recertification are in the Recertification Packet.

Many CAP holders use the 50-Minute Books or Options Training Program. Each provides two recertification points for every book completed.

There is also the Options Technology Program. CAP holders earn six recertification points per application level completed. The Options Technology Program also ties into the CAP holders Technology Applications specialty.

Courses you take through companies like National Seminars, with content that relates back to the CAP exam outline, can also be used for your recertification. As can a lot of technology programs through companies like New Horizons.

And courses you take through your own company may also count. The course cannot be company specific, and the content has to relate back to the CAP exam outline. And with all courses, there has to be at least one hour of education and a verification of participation.

Chapter Sponsorships/Donations

For general questions about IAAP sponsorships and advertisements, contact IAAP Corporate Relations Manager Rick Brennan at rick.brennan@iaap-hq.org.
There is a "Partnership Parameters Guide to Securing Corporate Support" located on the community site in the International Library as part of the Membership Atlas Series Booklets on the website. The guide will provide you with the association’s corporate sponsorship guidelines, sample solicitation letters and agreements, trademark and branding guidelines, and how to recognize businesses for their support.
Sponsor support of local activities varies greatly from company to company and is based upon a number of factors. These include the nature of their business, available resources, local presence, and their business objectives and priorities for the year. Local representatives are the best point of contact. Chapters/divisions should not leverage cash contributions from international sponsors as they already invest considerable amounts of money in transportation, staff time, display materials, in-kind gifts, etc. Some sponsors such as Avery Dennison and OfficeTeam do provide local education programs as outlined on our website.
IAAP has a number of marketing vehicles designed to make this happen. These include sponsorships, print and electronic advertising, and the IAAP Office Expo just to mention a few of these opportunities. Additional information can be secured by contacting Rick Brennan, corporate relations manager, at rbrennan@iaap-hq.org.
Contributions to the Foundation can be made from individuals or from chapters/divisions at any time throughout the year. Additional information on giving options and the processing of contributions can be made by visiting the Foundation website

Education & Events

To reach the Education & Events department, email the front desk at frontdesk@iaap-hq.org.

There are two Options Training Programs:

  • Options Office Skills – A training program developed by IAAP for office professionals with four skill levels, each level containing twelve 50-Minute books. The program can be used as an independent study or for group training. Individuals complete workbook assignments and submit them to the Education department for review. If acceptable, an e-certificate will be issued and the individual will receive 2 recertification points per book. There is no time limit for completion.

  • Options Tech – A technology training program available from IAAP for two operating systems and six Microsoft applications. Each module contains a training manual, e-learning activities, a data disk, and MS Certification test prep. Some modules contain two skill levels (basic and advanced), others have three (basic, intermediate, and advanced). Applications modules are available in 2007 and 2010 versions. System requirements are described on the Options Tech web site; the actual software and operating systems must be installed on your computer. Assignments are submitted to the Education department for review and an e-certificate is issued if they are acceptable. Each book is eligible for 6 recertification points. There is no time limit for completion. Each applications module has been rated for its value in preparing one to take the MS certification exam and has scored a 4.9 or higher on a 5.0 scale.
There is no time limit for completion. However, if a Microsoft certification exam voucher is purchased in conjunction with Options Tech, it is valid for one year from the date of purchase, then it expires.

No. You will receive the certificates by e-mail. You keep them and submit them to the Certification department as part of your entire recertification portfolio when you are recertifying. There is a spreadsheet available online to help you track your points.

If you are a CAP holder, you may obtain a Technology Applications (TA) specialty by completing any three of the Options Tech modules and then sitting for and successfully passing a MS certification exam.
In addition to other free programs that are available for chapters to access and use at monthly meetings, a new series entitled, “Constructing Your Career” has been unveiled.

In this series, there are 12 one-hour modules that can be downloaded and used by chapters. Each module comes with a Facilitator’s Guide, Participant Workbook Master, and PowerPoint slide program. They have been written so that even a novice trainer can successfully present the program. For each module, a step-by-step description is given, which includes background information, discussion questions and possible responses, instructions for using the workbook and engaging participants, and a comprehensive slide program. Each module guarantees that your chapter will have a captivating program, on a relevant topic for admins, in an easy-to-use process for both trainer and trainees.

To request recertification points for each of the modules, complete a Recertification Program Application and submit to certification@iaap-hq.org at least 2 weeks prior to your event. Each module is eligible for one recertification point.

You can access the programs directly by going to http://community.iaap-hq.org/chapterprograms/.

Here are some valuable suggestions for getting company support for IAAP-sponsored conferences:

  • Indicate your interest in professional development long before you ask to attend an IAAP conference. Sign up for any training events offered by your company; opt for self-study, online, and classroom courses; be enthused about the chapter programs; and be willing to invest in your own continuing education. If you don’t think you are worth the investment, neither will your exec. It starts with you!
  • Look for problems in the department or company and devise solutions. Tie those solutions to workshops and classes offered at IAAP conferences. Show how your company will recoup the money that’s being spent on your education/training by proving a good ROI. Put a dollar amount to any monetary savings, factor in saving of time and resources as well. Don’t forget to include 1:1 discussions with vendors at the EFAM Expo.
  • Build attendance into your annual performance review. With your exec, identify skill gaps and how filling these gaps will enhance your contributions to your employer. Be ready with a copy of the conference brochure and the workshops you are interested in attending. Identify the ones that will get you the skill development you need.  Reiterate how these new skills will benefit the company.
  • Prove that the cost of attending is worth your employer’s money. Compare it to the cost of a three-hour college course, the cost of public seminars when you compare hours of training you’ll receive at IAAP events taking into account any associated expenses for local events like mileage, lunch, and parking. Point out the advanced level of the IAAP classes and the fact that they are designed especially for career-minded administrative professionals. IAAP knows what admins want and need to succeed in the workplace.
  • Promise that you will bring the information back and train other admins in the department or company. That stretches the value of the training dollar spent to send you to the event.
  • Promote the value of networking with admins throughout the world. Give your exec some examples of problems where your company could have used the input of an admin with specialized experience or skills. This might include: international travel and recommended hotels for when your exec travels overseas; how-to technology tips that save time and money and improve the work output; tales of how other companies or industries have dealt with difficult or uncommon circumstances; and so on.
  • Downplay the fun part and up sell the education part of the event. While it’s nice to have a good time and visit a new city, it’s not something that motivates your employer. He wants to know what’s in it for him.
  • Make sure that after every chapter and division IAAP event you attend, you return positive and enthusiastic about the experience…even if it didn’t always meet your expectations. Share your handouts and any information gleaned with the staff.
Employer support for IAAP has to be cultivated. Don’t expect it to be automatic. Do your homework and you will increase your chances of becoming a regular attendee at all IAAP functions.


To reach the membership department, email membership@iaap-hq.org.
From the main IAAP home page (www.iaap-hq.org), click "Login" in the upper right corner of your screen. Once you enter your username and password, click the "Profile" link on the left side of the page to enter your updated information.

Once logged in, click the hyperlink that contains your name and member ID to update your contact info.

IAAP allows a one month grace period at the end of the membership. So, for example, if the paid through date on your membership is 10/31/2012, you would need to renew by 11/30/2012 to avoid a reinstatement fee. However, there is no grace period on your member login, so if you go past your paid through date you will need to contact membership to renew.

The member can reinstate his or her membership within two years of the date the membership dropped from active status and maintain their tenure. If the membership was lapsed longer than two years, the member would be required to join as new and lose previous membership tenure.
IAAP has many archived webinar training sessions, which you can listen to on demand. Recordings can be accessed in the IAAP International Webinars library.
You can post your question in the IAAP General Discussion eGroup. IAAP members are happy to answer questions and share information in that forum. To sign up, go to the My Subscriptions section to add your settings for eGroup notifications. You can choose how often you want to receive your eGroup updates by e-mail.
All bylaws information can be found in the IAAP International Library in the Bylaws folder.
IAAP can add the recruiter information for you as long as it is requested within the current fiscal year; however, you must e-mail a direct request to membership@iaap-hq.org to have the information added. (Only the new member can request changes to this information.)


For questions about IAAP publications and communications, contact IAAP Communications Specialist Ray Weikal.
If you are not receiving your copy of OfficePro magazine or would like to change your mailing address, please email Office Systems Coordinator Claudia Whitsitt in the membership department.
Within the IAAP International Library, you will find a folder for Logos. You will find all promotional logos, graphics and other materials here that can be used online or in your chapter or division publications.
Send a description of the proposed article with two writing samples to eallen@iaap-hq.org. Please no hard copy submissions, electronic mail only. For complete information, visit the IAAP headquarters site.
Yes. IAAP members can access the most recent issue by visiting http://officepro.iaap-hq.org.

IAAP member also have access to archive issues at: http://community.iaap-hq.org/OfficePro/IssueArchive/ 

You can also access the most recent cover story on the IAAP headquarters site at: http://www.iaap-hq.org/publications/officepro


For questions regarding shipping & distribution, contact Lynn Heide at lynn.heide@iaap-hq.org.
Professional Image is the supplier used by IAAP headquarters.  Their website is badgeteam.com. Their phone is 985.649.5145.
After you are in the IAAP Bookstore, on the far right in the “Categories” column go down to and click on “pins, banner, portfolios and similar items.”  There are six pages of these items.
No. it is a set of 12 modules (books) with assignments to complete to receive the certificate of completion. These count for recertification points. More information about OPTIONS training can be found here.
No. This training is in sets of either two or three books (basic, and advanced or basic, intermediate, and advanced) and comes with a practice CD for each book. When assignments are returned, certificates of completion are issued. These count for recertification points.
These are not ordered from IAAP headquarters.  For order information contact Cindy Hammer CAP-OM at cindy.hammer@exxonmobile.com or access the order form here.
If your submission fails the first time, please try again and, if possible, from a different computer. If the problem persists, contact Headquarters and request assistance.
Call IAAP headquarters (816.891.6600) and ask for assistance with online shipping rates.
At present, we do not have the capability of accepting these online. You need to submit your gift certificate with your order via mail. If your order exceeds the value of the certificate, include credit card information or a check for the balance.
On the main IAAP home page (www.iaap-hq.org), in the main navigation bar, go to "Shop."  The drop down allows you to go to the IAAP Bookstore or IAAP Logo Shop.

From the IAAP Web Community, you can find a direct link to the IAAP Bookstore in the upper-right corner of the page.


For questions about the IAAP Web Community or headquarters site, contact Internet Communications Coordinator Ben McClanahan.
On the IAAP Web Community, an eGroup, or discussion group, is a way for IAAP members to interact and discuss a variety of topics online. Similar to any online discussion group, members can start threads, reply to other messages and receive email notification about new messages that are of interest to them. 

To get started, you'll need to subscribe to eGroup that are of interest to you in the My Subscriptions section. You can select which groups you'd like to belong to and how you would like to receive email notifications. 

You can also browse all eGroups to which you have access by visiting the eGroups home page.
To login to the IAAP Web Community, you will need to access one of several links from the IAAP headquarters website (www.iaap-hq.org). 

Additionally, you can also bookmark the direct link to the web community, which is http://community.iaap-hq.org.

In the screenshot below, you can see three different links to login. Both the "IAAP Members" and the "Members" links will go directly to the web community site. However, after the page loads, you will still need to click the "Login to see members only content" link at the top of the page. After logging in, you will be automatically redirected back to the web community site.

The "Login" link will take you directly to the login page. However, after logging in you will not be automatically redirected to the web community.

Once you are on the web community site, you can login using the "Login to see members only content" link.

If you know your login information, enter it into the Username and Password fields and click the "sign on" button. If you've never created a login before, click the "Need a login?" link. In order to create a login, you will need your Member ID and first and last name. 

If you've forgotten your password or would like to change your password, click the "Forgot Password?" link. You will need to submit the email address that was used when the login was originally created. An email will be sent to that address that will allow you to reset your password. If you are no longer using that email address, you will need to contact headquarters to have it updated in our member database.

Once you have logged in successfully, you will see a welcome box on the web community home page that replaces the "Login to see members only content" link. Seeing this box lets you know that you have logged in successfully and can access members only areas and other restricted IAAP content.

If you login using the direct "Login" link from the IAAP headquarters site, you will not be automatically redirected to the web community. Instead, you will see a page similar to the screenshot below. To get to the web community, click the "The Web Community?" link where indicated below. Because you have already logged in, you will not see the "Login to see members only content" link. You should already see the welcome box.

After logging in from the main IAAP login page, you will see three choices. Click "The Events Center" to get started with event registration: 

The Web Community's Document Library is a great resource for finding documents related to your chapter/division or documents from IAAP headquarters, but knowing how to use it properly is important to finding what you're looking for.

Please follow the guide below to learn how to search the Document Library. If you have additional questions, please email Ben McClanahan, IAAP Internet Communications Coordinator.

Before you search

If you're simply looking for a document from headquarters, you should look in the IAAP International Library first before attempting to search for the document. The library's folder view makes finding documents by department (I.E. Membership, Certification, etc.) easy.

To access the IAAP International Library, click on the link in the Resources dropdown menu:

In the example below, if you're looking for a document relating to the Certification department, you simply highlight the folder and double click on the title of the document you would like to access.

Searching the Library

1) To search the document library, select "Search library" from the "Resources" dropdown menu.

2) Use the search fields provided to construct your search query.

Note: Searching by Document ID was phased out of the search functionality in Jan. 2011.

It is important when submitting your search query to filter your results, either by tag, library or file type. This will increase the quality of your search results and minimize the number of results you need to browse through.

(Note: IAAP also maintains a “Frequently Requested Documents” page, in case you’re looking for something many members might be after.)

As an example, let's say you wanted to find a form to transfer your membership from one chapter to another.

The search terms you might enter would include, "transfer membership form."

When you click the search button, your results will be returned.

But first, let's take a look at how many results we would get for this query if we did NOT filter by library. As you can see, the search returned over 1,000 results, which would make it fairly difficult to find the document you are looking for.

However, the same search query using the IAAP International Library filter returns only 175 results, and the top 3 results are very relevant (the document you would need for this example is actually third on the list).

To change your eGroups signature, go to the My Signature section of the eGroups menu. The variables you see in brackets allow information to be pulled directly from our member database, so it is not necessary to modify this section if you do not want to. 

If you do want to modify your signature, simply delete everything in the signature box and type in the information as you would like it to appear (do not use brackets if you are manually creating your signature).

If you have obtained the Member of Excellence honor, you will receive specific instructions on how to add the MOE logo to your eGroup signature. Follow those directions exactly in order for the logo to appear on your signature. If you need the directions, please contact the membership department.
Membership Reports are available to chapter and division presidents and treasurers. If you are denied access, contact the membership department.

Because the Membership Reports pull so much information, occasionally you might have problems accessing them. Here are some tips if you are having trouble:

1. If you are using the Internet Explorer web browser, you should consider trying Google Chrome or Firefox, which are much faster and retrieving membership information. 

2. Try a different computer. Sometimes the network you're on will time out before you're able to access the reports. Trying from a different computer often solves the problem. 

3. Wait and try later in the day. Sometimes during peak usage, the membership reports can be slow to access. This is especially true during the beginning of each month when many members are attempting to access them at once. If you're having problems, wait a couple hours and try again. If the problem persists, please contact the membership department.
All chapter, division and district logos can be found at the address below:

View the IAAP website information and signup form to learn how your chapter or division can host its website through IAAP. The annual cost is $300 but chapters and divisions can apply for a $150 credit for achieving Chapter of Excellence or Division of Excellence, respectively. Chapters and divisions also have the option to supplement the cost through sponsorships and advertisements from local businesses. IAAP website information and signup form.
Any member who has community admin access to their chapter or division may add or remove site admins. First, access the Communities page, which lists all of the communities you belong to. Click on the chapter or division name you'd like to manage. Then find the Members tab to locate the list of members in that community. You can then add or remove admins by clicking the "Edit" link on the right side of the page. Detailed instructions here.
Once you have been granted editing access to your site, you should review the Sitebuilder Guide and join the Sitebuilder Community if you have not already. The Sitebuilder Guide offers a variety of tutorials to help you but you can also direct questions to Internet Communications Coordinator Ben McClanahan.